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Since its inception in the year 2000, Jaime Barron P.C. has steadfastly served immigrant communities. Initially starting as a modest practice, the firm has flourished into a distinguished and influential entity within the realm of immigration law, with its impact spanning across borders.

Over the past two decades, Jaime Barron P.C. has built a reputation for excellence. Specifically, the firm’s dedicated legal team has been instrumental in providing comprehensive solutions that have enabled countless clients to establish their lives and careers in the United States. Furthermore, the firm’s journey from a single attorney to a robust team of over 30 skilled lawyers is a testament to its expertise and unwavering dedication to the field of immigration law. Each case is approached with both humility and a profound sense of responsibility towards the client’s aspirations and well-being.

Moreover, Jaime Barron P.C. has expanded its reach with offices in seven different locations, including the political heart of the nation, Washington D.C., and the vibrant city of Seattle. This strategic presence allows the firm to stay closely connected with both the national pulse and the local nuances of immigration policies and regulations.

Additionally, the firm’s attorneys are not only well-versed in the legal aspects but also deeply understand the personal impact of immigration proceedings on individuals and families. They are committed to guiding clients through each step of the process with clarity, compassion, and personalized attention.

As Jaime Barron P.C. looks to the future, it remains dedicated to its mission of serving the immigrant community with integrity and excellence. Consequently, the firm continues to evolve, embracing new challenges and opportunities in the ever-changing landscape of immigration law, all while maintaining the trust and respect it has earned from clients and peers alike.

Comprehensive Legal Services:

  • Visa Services: We assist with navigating complex visa applications for a smooth journey to the United States.
  • Asylum and Refuge: Advocating for individuals seeking refuge from persecution.
  • Deportation Defense: Upholding the right to remain through strong defense.
  • Citizenship and Naturalization: Guiding the path to U.S. citizenship.


List of full services:

  • Immigration Appeals
  • Legal Counseling
  • Asylum
  • Deportation Defense
  • Citizenship
  • Immigration Court
  • DACA/Dreamers
  • Immigration Records
  • Fingerprinting – Background
  • Legal Investigations
  • Waivers
  • Family or Employment Petitions
  • Consular Processing
  • Permanent Residency
  • TPS
  • VAWA
  • U-Victim of Crime Visa
  • Employment Visas
  • Investment Visas
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